Ruth Penfold-Brown


Welcome back to Pancakes and Peacocks 🥞🦚

2022 will see a little shift in focus for this podcast. The energy is still the same – to inspire people towards creating a life that feels truly joyful – but with the focus on reimagining the idea of work, to create the space for us all to thrive and belong.

As a People and Talent person for over two decades, I realised this year that I have seen similar culture struggles, relationship issues and growing pains play out over and over again within otherwise incredible organisations. Kind hearted, well-meaning, brilliant people come together to build something with the best of intentions. Some of the team (often the leaders) feel like they are creating a great culture, whilst many of the team feel like they are overwhelmed and underwhelmed, all at once. I have been on both sides of that coin at one time also.

Sure, there are magical pockets of people thriving here and there, but they are magical pockets. Across industries, across locations, I see soooooo many companies who aren’t able to create an environment where all their humans can really thrive.

I think we can do better. I think we can build something different. Something where we all actually thrive and feel like we belong.

Why does it matter so much?

Creating the space to innovate is essential, for humans, for businesses and for our society as a whole.

When people are thriving, that is when we do our best work. We become brilliant, bold and even more innovative and apply that energy to whatever we are doing. When we feel safe and like we belong, we are free to innovate without fear. When we feel the opposite, we spend all of our time in survival mode and working on the closest problem in our lives, rather than the ones that might be the most impactful. 

With space we can learn how to thrive, and once we create space for ourselves, we can learn how to build it for others.

I’ve decided to spend a little time unpacking the world of work on this pod, and reimagining how we might do this better .

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