Ruth Penfold-Brown


Team dynamics have often been a challenge. How do we find the right way to come together to make sure that the whole team gets to experience a joyful work dynamic. This episode explores some of that, and looks to that of surgical teams and their need to come together effectively and quickly. 

Of course the challenge is that, even if we get to the magical place of team synergy, nothing is fixed and things are constantly moving and evolving. Which means to keep creating and being part of that kind of collective team experience, we have have to keep moving and evolving with it.

To do that, and to find these moments more frequently and allow them to happen quickly within teams, I honestly believe this starts with your connection and commitment to yourself.

Every day offers a new opportunity to show up for yourself and those around you. To show up in love, to show up in commitment, to show up with purpose and intention, to show up being clear and managing expectations of those around you well, which ultimately builds trust.

Your steadiness will support the steadiness of the team around you.


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