Ruth Penfold-Brown


Nelio Rodrigues is a teacher of many, and has become part of the fabric of the Notting Hill community through his teaching of Capoeira. At a time where I was seeking belonging, he and his students offered me a place in there community and embraced me. His ability to unlock and harness greatness in others is just one of the things that inspires me about him. 

We met over the airwaves, though full disclosure, we are actually neighbours, and had an honest and empowering conversation about who we are and why we are. We spoke of things like:
🥞 Finding a balance between form and strength in movement 
🦚 Creating the space in your life for self care and exploring what that really means for you
🥞 Using the changes of the past year to take the opportunity to hit the reset button 
🦚 The power to be found in mentorship, inviting in a different perspective to unlock new ideas and inspiration 

And of course… joy ✨

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