Ruth Penfold-Brown


David Kam is someone who I immediately became smitten with when I happened upon one of his yoga classes a few years ago. His commitment to his craft – currently one of inviting others to develop their holistic wellbeing via movement – is just one of the many things that inspires me about him. We formed a friendship and our conversations over the years have always been expansive and inspiring. 

We met online, with both of us at other sides of London, and had a wonderful conversation that covered:
🥞 Movement, why we become fascinated it and the freedom we can experience in doing so
🦚 Understanding the privilege of having the space to create and follow your heart
🥞 Learning to saying goodbye to the things that you no longer have aliveness in
🦚 The importance of rituals, but the importance in having freedom in how you approach them

And of course… joy ✨

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