Ruth Penfold-Brown


Liz Whitney is a leadership coach who adopts a mindset of total integrity and straightforwardness, and I love that about her. She shifted her career from one in the creative world a number of years ago, after accidentally discovering her new path through experience. 

We met over the airwaves, as ever, and had a wonderful conversation that covered:

🥞 The importance of your own healing journey in order to be in a position to coach others

🦚 The importance of developing the right kind of self awareness, to develop rich relationships in you world

🥞 The significance of the moment where her awakening journey began and some of the ways she tried to find her way back in

🦚 How critical those early moments are in childhood are in hardwiring our life script, and therefore how important it is to breakdown the thinking patterns that we have created

And of course… joy ✨

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