Ruth Penfold-Brown


Kaya Cansfield is a life force. Our energies connected in the dark when I first attended her spin classes at Psycle London after she made the leap from corporate life a few years ago (she’s also since become both a Coach and Deejay). Her expansive journey over the past few years and her obvious growth in that time  are just some of the many things that inspire me about her. 

We met over the airwaves, with her packing up her life to make a big move to Abu Dhabi for a new adventure. We spoke of things like:

πŸ₯ž The intense need for people in the fitness industry to do their own β€œwork” to create a safe space for the vulnerability of our students

🦚 That there is either love or fear, and that when we are operating from a place of fear, we shut ourselves off from everything

πŸ₯ž The importance of movement when it comes to moving energy around your body 

🦚 That learning how to feel your feelings is one of the best things that you can do

And of course… joy ✨

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