Ruth Penfold-Brown


Alex Hersham is a brilliant human, he also happens to be CEO and Founder of Zencargo. We connected a couple of years ago and bonded over people geekery. He’s incredibly self aware and has been meticulous in assembling a business that feels good for the people within it.

We met over the airwaves, rather predictably these days haha, but we had a wonderful conversation that covered:
🥞 The highs and lows of the Founder journey, and the simple joy in sometimes just ending the day back where you started 
🦚 The importance of honesty in your closest relationships, including the one you are having with yourself 
🥞 Developing your relationship with yourself and understanding the importance of kindness🦚 The importance of surrounding yourself with people that you can learn from 

And of course… joy ✨

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