Ruth Penfold-Brown


I was lucky enough to adopt Justine Borja to the Pen-fold around 3 years ago, when we met by chance at a yoga event in Stockholm, only to learn we were relative neighbours in Notting Hill. Her deep commitment to the evolution of both herself and others is just one of the things that inspires me about her.

This time we met online, both in London and in our own versions of the second UK lockdown. We spoke of things like:
🥞 How to start to pay attention to the importance of human relationships, and see moments of connection with people instead of task lists
🦚 Joining the different parts of ourselves closer together so that you can show up authentically with yourself in order to show up authentically for others
🥞 The real definition of health being physical, mental and social wellbeing 
🦚 How to conduct your own social health audit, looking at your relationships with everyone, but first and foremost, you. 

And of course… joy ✨

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