Ruth Penfold-Brown


Sope Agbelusi is an inspiring human being who I actually only connected with this year in the virtual space. I love the fact that he changed everything in his career to explore the path of coaching. I am also inspired by his approach to parenting enables the growth of his children as whole beings. I love that. 

We met over the airwaves, with him in Coventry and me in London, and had a fabulous conversation in the small hours of a Monday morning where we talked about: 

🥞 The realness of the struggle in the early years of parenthood as a very young man

🦚 The beauty of a partnership where you want your partner to be the very best they can be, and enable one another’s growth 

🥞 The challenges of navigating white spaces as a Black man 

🦚 Developing self awareness and some of the ways you might be able to unfurl your curiosities 

And of course… joy ✨

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