Ruth Penfold-Brown


Kylie Pearsall might actually win the prize for the most effervescent person ever. I love her thirst for life and the positive way she applies herself to whatever she has in her mind to do at the time. She supports wellbeing in others day to day on offshore oil rigs, and supports the world by showing up with the integrity she does without even realising it, whether pixelated or IRL. 

We met over the airwaves, with her in Perth finishing her day and me in London just getting mine started. 

🥞 Some of the things that we can do to support our wellbeing during the pandemic we are all living through

🦚 Finding your way through the different meditation myths  to find your way back to you 

🥞 Connecting to ourselves to establish a richer connection with others 

🦚 Ruthless auditing and iterating on our life operating models and knowing where to let things go 

And of course… joy ✨

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