Ruth Penfold-Brown


Julie Fedele is a fantastically formidable human that arrived in my world around three years ago. I have been watching her step into her fire, more and more each day. Her integrity, effort and consistency inspire me so so much. She is in the product building business, but also invests as well as being a mother. 

We met online in the early hours and had the most deliciously connected conversation where we are unpacked things like:

🥞 Overcoming the hard wired belief of not being enough, and how we might look to prevent low self esteem in our children 

🦚 Connecting into the sacredness of your hormonal cycles as a woman and learning to celebrate them 

🥞 How what really matters in relationship with others is the relationship you are having with yourself 

🦚 How we are in a really beautiful moment in history here where sisterhood is really strong 

And of course… joy ✨

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