Ruth Penfold-Brown


To have a sense of purpose is one of the things we crave most in our lives as humans. We want to feel like we are working towards something we believe in and that the things that we are doing create some form of impact.

In this episode I chart my own path towards finding purpose. 

Purpose is the thing that drives humans to do the unimaginable and innovate beyond any of our wildest dreams. We ignite a fire in our bellies when we truly believe in the value of something and it connects into something deep within us that resonates. 

Employers have woken up to this, and are working hard to codify what theirs might be. On a human level, we all instinctively feel how we might be able to do good things in the world, we just aren’t always fully connected to what that is. The right sparks of inspiration from a prospective or current employer can ignite those dormant notions within us and suddenly we light up, ready to bring our very best to the thing we are doing. 

Ultimately though, finding our own sense of purpose comes down to the connection we have with ourselves, so that is where our work needs to begin. 


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