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Jack Villiers is a student of the school of life, a truly deep thinker and an intuitive creator, I’ve been excited to watch his transition from People and Talent roles to Founder of his own businesses, notably Lead, a leadership development course that you should absolutely check out. 

I’ve enjoyed knowing Jack in snippets over the years and I was so excited to noodle around his brain on topics like: 

🥞 The fact that for some of us, our gift is not always obvious in the beginning, and that can lead us into thinking that we don’t have one 

🦚 The switch between defining yourself through achievements, to a more intuitive way of being

🥞 The excitement around a world where more folks get to show as their fully integrated self

🦚 How everyone has a zone of genius, and if we feel like we are in the wrong place and always swimming against the tide, maybe we are

I loved getting to speak with Jack on these topics and I hope you will too!

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