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Catalina Schveninger is the definition of sisterhood. We met at an event where she saw me speaking and she put me forward for a big job on the back of it. I am just one of the many people she has done that for and I love that about her. 

She’s been a people leader for many years, and has a pragmatic approach to building companies and building our self awareness as humans also. Join us as we dance through topics like: 

🥞 How some careers are a messy journey of explorations
🦚 How relationships with others can be a big career catalyst and how we start to build our network
🥞 How we arrive as a true leader when we are interestED rather than being interestING
🦚 How powerful it is to hire for potential vs hiring for qualifications

I came away buzzing from our conversation, and I am sure that you will feel the same. 

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