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Ellie Rich-Poole is The Recruitment Coach. She coaches people at a critical moment of transition, helping them to move forward with positivity. She is a true expert on careers. 

She has 25 years’ experience in HR, Talent and Head-hunting HR Leaders. She founded her business in 2016 to inspire and support others with their career development. 

I loved our conversation as we danced back and forth and looked at:

🥞 The deep introspection needed from all of us to get closer to what we really want
🦚 The power of unlocking our strengths and beginning to develop in a way that helps them to flourish
🥞 Some of the blockers to us making the little changes can get in the way of much bigger more impactful change
🦚 Brilliant insight into exercises we can do to help us figure this all out

I think you will come away with SO much value from this episode and will march immediately to Ellie’s site to grab all those freebies!

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