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Mark Edwards is a culture change and leadership expert working with companies to affect change, he’s also a travel writer (brilliant book found here) and Ted talker (link can be found here). 

I have known and loved Mark for many years, and I love the way he’s challenged himself to lean into his strengths and move in the direction of what lights him up. I also love that he has done what he can to encourage others in a similar direction. Learning my own strengths was a huge step in me starting to thrive and realise the value that I brought.

Join us as we cover:
🥞 Learning to lean into our strengths and see them for the magical gifts that they are 
🦚 What happens to us when we don’t get to work in alignment with our strengths 
🥞 The importance of having someone who believes in us and who sees the strengths that we can’t see
🦚 Embracing the opportunity to be multi faceted in life and in work

I love Mark and I know you will too, and I dearly hope that you decide to explore your strengths after listening to us talk about why we think it matters! 

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