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  • Episode 48 | Developing better relationships at work with Dannique Blake

Dannique Blake and I had an instant connection. She’s a fellow wild mind, and someone who is, like me, constantly looking for new ways to set herself free. 

Vibe with us through our COVID fog (we both had it at the time haha) as she shares her wisdom on being a human at work, psychological safety in teams and the power of working with our values as well as:

🥞 Figuring out the steps we need to take with ourselves to tap into what we really want 
🦚 How we can turn feedback into the gift it truly should be by guiding the way we get it from others 
🥞 How we can build better relationships at work and move past taking things personally 
🦚 Really embracing who we are and integrating that into our working lives 

I came away energised with ideas about how I might step a little closer to the fullest expression of myself, and I hope you will too!

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