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Gwen Cooper has become a thought partner of mine since our paths first crossed a couple of years back. I love the way she is breaking down how we keep walking the path to becoming the leaders for ourselves that we so often seek in others. 

Former CIA agent and now Leadership Coach and team enabler, Gwen has over 25 years of global and cross-industry experience leadership development consulting. 

Let your brain start to drink in her wisdom as we cover:

πŸ₯ž The value of looking at the more negative side of our values and where they have stopped serving us 

🦚 Reimagining work to operate in a way where we get to be the fullest expression of ourselves 

πŸ₯ž The steps of psychological safety that need to be in place before we can truly innovate, read more on that here

🦚 That’s it is okay to start from where we are, and become deliberate about our work environments moving forward

I came away thinking about how I might start to look at the flip side of my values, and my hope is that you will come away buzzing with ideas also. Let me know what you think! πŸ₯žπŸ¦š

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