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Leadership isn’t about what role you currently hold, leadership is an energy.

By taking responsibility for our role in relationships,  we can lead them into becoming something that feels better for all of us.  Once I did that, I realised then how much power I truly held in my experience of others. 

Stepping into our leadership energy happens when we step into ourselves a little more fully, when we shift from performing into being. 

🦚 Being is when we are on the journey to love ourselves. 

🦚 Being is when we start to appease less, and ask ourselves who we are seeking to serve in each moment. 

🦚 Being is when we know how to connect with the stiller parts of ourselves and do so. 

🦚 Being is when we start to celebrate our abilities. 

🦚 Being is when we start to live in alignment with our values. 

🦚 Being is when live our boundaries. 

🦚 Being is when we take responsibility for our role in our lives and breath out all the things we are holding onto. 

Dialling up our being-ness takes work, and a commitment to do so. 

I talk about all of this and a little more in this bonus episode. Have you experienced your leadership energy yet? If you have managed to find different ways to move into being over performing, I’d love to hear from you. 

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