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  • Episode 44 | Embracing the change curve to design for the future of work with Claire Haidar

Claire Haidar is a human whose perspective on the future of work is truly thought leading. She leads WYNDR and Pattryn, both organisations focused on smartly crafting the future of work. 

If we want to see whether we can reimagine the idea of work together, considering the smart approaches that Claire mentions will stand us in great stead. We had a few sound issues, but I hope that I have managed to bring it back enough for you to enjoy our conversation in full. 

We spoke of things like: 

πŸ₯ž The challenges of the changes in the world of work and the journey we need to go on to truly embrace them, starting with acceptance 

🦚 That we can’t keep segregating life and work, we have to acknowledge that those things are connected 

πŸ₯ž The importance of viewing time differently and doing real calculations of the things we really need to do with our time vs the time we waste 

🦚 The responsibility we have as employers to support people to find a true balance with how they distribute their time 

πŸ₯ž The importance of being intentional about the way we design remote first cultures, and the need to start the design of how we come together from scratch 

I came away full of new thoughts emerging and ideas about some of the ways we build the way we work into something that feels better and I hope you will too  πŸ₯žπŸ¦š

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