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  • Episode 42 | The power of collective autonomy with Kevin Goldsmith

Kevin Goldsmith is a brilliant human who has led engineering teams with some phenomenal organisations. He’s someone who intentionally builds his teams to try to craft an environment where humans truly thrive and I love that about him. 

He’s been reimagining how people show up together in teams for a while, and has a tonne of goodness to share with us all on some of the things he has been involved with. 

We spoke of things like: 

🥞 The magic of learning from what others are doing well, and calibrating that to your organisation, like Spotify did 

🦚 The power of building teams with the mindset of collective autonomy

🥞 The importance of making other people a priority as a leader, having experienced how much harder it is for you to grow when you feel like you have a leader that doesn’t care

🦚 The investment you have to make to be truly straightforward with others 

Let’s reimagine and reinvent the idea of work together, to create a space where we can all thrive and feel like we belong 🥞🦚

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