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  • Episode 41 | Why the way we do work isn’t working with Steve Cadigan

To kick off season two,  I was delighted to host Steve Cadigan. Steve is an Author (of the brilliant Workquake), Speaker and Advisor on People, Culture and the future of work as we know it. When I first connected with Steve just over a year ago, I was immediately struck by his passion around this topic. 

If we want to see whether we can reimagine the idea of work together, he felt like a great person to start the conversation with. 

We spoke of things like: 

🥞 The rise of the desire for independence from human beings around the way we work

🦚 The false foundation of the relationship that we commit to as employees

🥞 The old models of work that we exist in that haven’t adopted to the higher velocity of the work we do today 

🦚 How the way we view learning at school, the fallacy of the right and wrong answer, sets us up for broken thinking in later life

Let’s see if it is possible to reimagine and reinvent the idea of work together, and create a space where we can all thrive and feel like we belong 🥞🦚

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