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Sustainability Starts at Home

It’s a great thing to see people are becoming more and more focused on sustainability for our planet. Having worked at bp Launchpad, a business steeped in energy transformation, I am also hyper aware of the investment flooding into this area. I don’t just mean money, I mean humans too.  It really is an area …

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Courageous Leadership for Beginners

As someone who has always found it easy to connect to people, earlier in my career I oversimplified the effort needed to create a great experience for others. I was wrong, hella wrong, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know at the time.  Once I started to understand myself better, and create the structure …

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Pancakes and Peacocks | The Relaunch

Welcome back to Pancakes and Peacocks 🥞🦚 2022 will see a little shift in focus for this podcast. The energy is still the same – to inspire people towards creating a life that feels truly joyful – but with the focus on reimagining the idea of work, to create the space for us all to …

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