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Hello beautiful people. I’m Ruth, Founder of Pancakes and Peacocks.

As a People and Talent expert for over two decades, I’ve built and rebuilt teams and organisations like Shazam, Onfido and bp Launchpad. I’ve also built and rebuilt myself from the inside out in the process. 

Whilst working in incredible roles within amazing organisations, I saw the same culture struggles, relationship issues and growing pains play out over and over again.

Within my own role, I grew tired of the relentlessness of dealing with those things and, for the first time in my career, left my job with no job to go to.

I took a break, a proper break. 

There in the midst of the unravelling of my relationship with work, myself and where my frustrations lay, I realised that the way we do work isn’t working.

I think we can do better. I think we can build something different.

I’ve decided to spend some time unpacking the world of work and reimagining how we might do this better. I’ll be sharing my findings as I go, here in cyber space with writing, the podcast and working with some amazing organisations in the process. 

If this is a mission that resonates with you, let me know. I am keen to see if there might just be a community of reimaginers out there who want to come on that journey with me. Whether you are tasked with building a business that you and others feel truly energised to be a part of, or you are simply you, wanting to re-imagine your own world and feel like you truly belong. 

Let’s reimagine the idea of work together and create the space for all of us to thrive.